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Social Media Exposure

I had an interview with Mr. Gopal, the founder of Ekalavyas Basketball, about the power of sports tech, specially in basketball. It was great to have an insightful conversation with the leader of a company that provides comprehensive, accurate, and engaging basketball content for fans worldwide. Ekalavyas aims to democratize the world of basketball by shining a spotlight on lesser-known talents, celebrating triumphs, and providing insights into games' strategies and nuances. Check out my interaction with Mr. Gopal on Instagram!

This social media post has over 40K views and recognition from professional basketball players such as India U18 team captain Sejin Mathew, Indian former rank 2 and rank 3 players Akash Kumar and Parvesh Bhatia respectively, and Karnataka Olympic Association Awardee Anil Kumar. Other famous players that have recognized Sports SensAI include Arvind Krishna and Akanksha Singh. Sports news pages like INBLSwish Culture India and Straight Out of India have also appreciated my work and shown interest in my initiative!

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