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Student Internet Governance Forum

The Student IGF is a platform for young adults to discuss pertinent issues and present their views on core internet policy and technology, and its intersection with other policy fields, like finance, health, and education. It acts a bridge between the stakeholders in the field of internet, technology, and digital policy and the youth. It is officially affiliated with the India Internet Governance Forum (IIGF), and by extension with the United Nations Internet Governance Forum and the Ministry of Electronics & IT in India.

The Student Internet Governance Forum (Student IGF) has successfully held two conferences, in October 2022 and June-July 2023.

Being a fellow, I serve alongside the chairperson on the central committee of SIGF. I oversee conference logistics and SIG applications and operations. SIG's are Special Interest Groups that discuss an internet or technology policy topic of their choice at SIGF conferences, in addition to creating posters or research articles detailing the various perspectives on their topic of choice.

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SIGF- Conference I

SIGF- Conference II

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