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The Wheely Great Podcast


At The Wheely Great Podcast, we unpack Formula 1 races throughout the season! We discuss happenings and hypotheticals from the world of motorsport, including Formula 1, Moto GP, and beyond. Through conversations and discussions with various guests, we explore different sides of controversial events and opinions.

With over 750 listeners across 5+ countries, the podcast now has over 25 episodes across 2 seasons. Being the podcast's co-host, I've discussed topics such as the midfield battles between McLaren and Ferrari in 2021, the extremely dramatic Abu Dhabi GP that decided the historic 2021 world championship, and many more. Go check out our website!

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A Special Episode

In April 2022, we got the opportunity to record an episode with Indian social media sensation Aditya Bhat. Popularly known as (IG handle), Aditya is a content creator with over 120K followers and regularly makes videos on Formula 1 and its technology. It was great to have him record an episode with us, unpacking the 2022 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix!

Check out Aditya's Instagram page and an interesting 30 minute episode talking about Red Bull's domination, Fernando Alonso's fast start to the season, and much more.

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