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Modern Traveler

I began my internship at Ixigo, India's leading travel ecosystem, in March 2023. Passionate about the use of technology to improve travel experiences, I took up a project of developing a customized itinerary-planning platform. Using the ChatGPT API and programming skills in Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I created Modern Traveler, an intelligent tool for users to smartly plan trips. Modern Traveler is not just an ordinary trip planner, rather it's an extremely personalized tool that takes into account the users' needs and preferences. Taking in various inputs such as food choices, financial limitations, activities that the users like to engage in, and more, my platform generates itineraries in an organized manner. Modern Traveler aims to let people have meaningful travel experiences across the world!

Curious to test out my own creation, I asked it to plan a trip for my relatives to Denmark in the summer of 2023. They were impressed by how detailed their itinerary was and how it catered to all their needs. Whether it was recommending vegetarian food options, or good spots to enjoy nightlife in the city, Modern Traveler crafted a trip for them, just how they wanted it. Take a look at it!

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