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Here are 5 projects in which I've played an active role as a leader, making a positive impact on the community! These initiatives signify my interests and are testimonies to my constant efforts in exploring my passions.

Sports SensAI- Logo.png


Sports SensAI

Sports SensAI is an artificially intelligent basketball pose analysis tool. Through computer-vision and pose-recognition technologies, it helps players analyze various aspects of their shooting action.



Founded in 2020, Dognation is a community service organisation that feeds, rescues, and takes care of dogs, while spreading awareness through a newsletter and raising money for charity and medical treatment of strays.

Dognation- Logo-fotor-2023102717322.png
Modern Traveler- Logo.png


Modern Traveler

Modern Traveler is a digital representation of myself, built during my internship at Ixigo. Being an avid traveler and my family's trip planner for years, I created a platform that crafts personalised and well-organised itineraries for users according to their needs and preferences.


The Wheely Great Podcast

Being an enthusiastic Formula 1 fan since 2010, my friend and I launched The Wheely Great Podcast in 2021. Here, we talk about all things motorsport!

SIGF- Logo.png


Student IGF

The Student Internet Governance Forum is a platform for high-school students to openly express and discuss their views on internet policy, governance, and its intersection with various other fields.

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