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Basketball and Cricket

Apart from being the captain of PUSH Sports cricket academy for multiple years, I've been the captain and vice captain of the U-14, U-17, and U-19 school cricket and basketball teams respectively, since 2018! Having won multiple tournaments across the Zonal, District, Regional, State, National, and SGFI National levels, I've gained prolific experience as an athlete. Even today, sports continue to help me grow as a person and discover myself.


Achievements as a Captain and Vice-Captain


2nd place, U19 Basketball Regional Tournament, Punjab, 2023


1st place, U19 Basketball Zonal Tournament, Delhi, 2023


1st place, U17 Basketball Regional Tournament, Ahmedabad, 2022


2nd place, U14 Basketball Regional Tournament, Ahmedabad, 2019


2nd place, U14 Cricket Regional Tournament, Ahmedabad, 2019

Achievements at PUSH Sports

Being the team's captain for multiple years, I gained valuable experiences at PUSH Sports, playing over 100 matches. I've played many tournaments as part of my cricket academy and have won numerous awards- Man of the Match, Man of the Series, Best Bowler, and Best Batsman. My performances and contributions to the team have received press coverage at newspapers like the AsianAge E-Paper and Navbharat Times.

I've also had the opportunities to learn from international experts of the game. At the Coach Wello Camp in 2019, I had the chance to learn from Peter Willings, a former English First-Class cricketer, who has over 25 years of experience of top quality coaching for youngsters and adults.

Additionally, I've gone on cricket tours out of state and out of India. In 2018, I went for a tournament at Abhimanyu Cricket Academy in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. A few months later, in 2019, I went for the Gulf Cup, an international tournament where my team played against teams from Pakistan, UAE, England, etc.

A massive achievement for me was my selection to play in the School Games Federation of India Nationals, the highest level that a high-school student can play at. Being the only player to get selected from my school to play this tournament in the U-14 category was a testimony to my hard work and talent as a young cricketer! The head coach at my academy, Puru Singh, was elated with this feat. He expressed his support through a social media post on the academy's Facebook page.

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